Shaving the Head for other than Ḥajj and ‘Umrah | Shaykh Yaḥyā al-Ḥajūrī

Q: Is shaving of the head for other than Ḥajj and ‘Umrah Makrūh (disliked)?1

A: It was disliked by Imām Ahmad and others. From that which is apparent, it is permissible for a reason2. As for without a reason, then indeed it is a symbol from the symbols of the Khawārij; Has not the Prophet -Prayers and Greetings of Allāh be upon him and his family- said:

“Indeed some people from my ummah (nation) -Their distinctive mark would be shaven heads- They would recite the Qur’ān, it would not go beyond their throats, they would pass through the dīn (religion) just as the arrow passes through the prey, they would be the worst among the creation and the creatures.”3

Answered by Shaykh Yaḥyā al-Ḥajūrī -May Allāh preserve him-

Source: Al-Kanz ath-Thamīn

  1. Bits from the early public lessons of Shaykh Yaḥyā -May Allāh preserve him-
  2. Translator’s Note: Legislated reasons like shaving the new born child’s hair or other reasons like for the purpose of medical treatment
  3. Reported by Muslim from Abū Hurayrah -May Allāh be pleased with him- (Translator: The Hadīth appears to be transmitted by Abu Sa’īd al-Khudrī والله أعلم)

حكم حلق الرأس في غير الحج والعمرة (١)

السؤال: هل حلق الرأس في غير الحج والعمرة مكروه؟

الإجابة: كرهه الإمام أحمد وغيره، والذي يظهر أنه يجوز للحاجة، أما إن كان لغير حاجة وإنما شعارًا كشعار الخوارج؛ فلا، قال النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم: «إن ناسًا من أمتي -سيماهم التحليق- يقرءون القرآن لا يجاوز حلوقهم، يمرقون من الدين كما يمرق السهم من الرمية، هم شر الخلق والخليقة»(٢).

(١) شذرات من أوائل الدروس العامة للشيخ يحيى حفظه الله تعالى (ج).
(٢) رواه مسلم عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه.