The Event of Karbala | Shaykh Iḥsān ʾIlāhī Ẓahīr

A powerful speech delivered by Shaykh Iḥsān ʾIlāhī Ẓahīr -raḥimahullāh- 
[31 May 1945 (18 Jumada al-Ūlā 1364H) – 30 March 1987 (1407H)] in the Urdu language on the topic “The Event of Karbala (Waqia-e-Karbala)”. In this speech, in his exemplary style, the lies and concoctions of the Imāms and Khatībs of the Shīʿah are exposed by providing references from their own books. 

Note: Karbala is an ancient city located in modern-day Iraq where Yazīd bin Mu’āwiyāh’s men intercepted Hussain bin ‘Alī رضي الله عنه and his people on their way to Kūfah.

 تقریر: واقعہ کربلا

خطیب: شیخ احسن الہی ظہیر رحمت الله علیہ