A Daʿwah of Abstinence | Shaykh Wahb Adh-Dhayfānī

Benefit From Shaykh: Abu 'Abdillāh Wahb bin 'Abdillāh Adh-Dhayfānī -May Allāh preserve him-

Excerpt from a talk entitled:

“Why Da’wah Salafiyyah became beloved to us”

This Da’wah became beloved to us due to what it contains of ʿIffah (abstinence) in its people, A Da’wah which has ʿIffah in it, you will find a Salafi who might not have a single Riyal in his pocket, walk like he is the richest of people, the richest of people.

You don’t find him begging here and there, you don’t find him at the doors of the businessmen and behind charity boxes.

The Ikhwaan are at the door spreading out ‘Imāmah’s on the ground and there are charity boxes at the doors.

This is not found with Ahlus-Sunnah.

I remember an occurance in a Masjid in one of the cities, in a Salafi Masjid, in a city which had lack of water whereby the Masjid was left days without any water, the lay-folk came to the Imām of the Masjid saying:

“O brother stand up! Collect donations to buy water”, He said: “This is not our way but I have a very good way”, They said: “What is it?”, He said: “Give me a Qufl (lock)”

In our dialect, here with you it means keys, with us it’s the opposite of key, I mean the thing which locks things.

“Close the door (to the rest room) with this lock and whoever comes will see it’s closed, they will say it’s closed, why is it closed.

It’s closed, there isn’t any water, that’s it this suffices.”

The people then firmly rebuked him.

The brother then said to them: “Whose house is this?”, They said: “The house of Allah”, He said: “Allah will come with water for His house”, They said: “How is this O brother!”, He said: “Whose house is this?!”, They said: “The house of Allah”, He said: “Allah will come with water for His house”

They left from the ‘Asr prayer, and lo and behold, there is a big car, the types which people call Būza (water trucks), besides the Masjid, the driver says to them: “Should I pour out water for the Masjid for you?”

The lay-folk turned to each other and laughed and said: “Allah came with water for His house”

Like this is how Ahlus-Sunnah cultivate the people upon ʿIffah.

I remember an occurance, an occurance which greatly affected me, one of the businessmen in our area came to the Masjid of one of the brothers and said: “What do you need?” They replied: “May Allah reward you with good”, He said: “Are you missing anything?”, They replied: “May Allah bless you”, He said: “What can I do for you?”, They said: “May Allah preserve you”

He does not hear anything but these words.

When he leaves and goes to his office, ten individual from this charity organisation come to him, five from that charity organisation, seven from this political party, all of them waiting at the door with paper work, “the Masjid needs this”, “So-and-so needs this”, bills and the sorts…

One day he left the prayer while besides the Imām of the Masjid he saw one of those beggars, he said to this man: “Come, come you beggar!”

By Allah O brothers, one of you would wish that the earth would swallow him!

“Come, come you beggar! Look at these people and learn ʿIffah from them, O brother! I say to them what do you need me to fix? They reply we don’t need, what do you want? They say may Allah reward you with good, what can I do for you? They say may Allah preserve you.

But you! You have busied us every day being at my office, you busied me O beggars!”

This occurance, by Allah, it was a great lesson for me and for many of those who were present.

This was from the reasons why this Da’wah became beloved to us, A Da’wah of ʿIffah.

➖I was told that Shaykh Muqbil, may Allah have mercy upon him, would become very angry if it reached him that a student went to buy something and said: “Lower the price I’m a student of knowledge” he would become very angry and say: “Don’t disgrace knowledge, don’t disgrace knowledge”

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Translated by:
Abu ‘Abdirrahman ‘Abdullaah bin Ahmed Ash-Shingaani