First ten days of Dhul Ḥijjah | Shaykh ʿAbdul ʿAzīz ar-Rajiḥī

The first ten days of Dhul Ḥijjah are the best days of the year, just as the last ten nights of Ramadān are the best nights of the year.
So these coming days are the best days of the year without exception.
And the righteous deeds in these days are diverse. From them are:

  • Ḥajj
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Enjoining ties of kinship
  • Charity and kindness, to the closest relatives, the poor, the needy and the widows
  • Honouring one’s parents
  • Tasbīḥ, Tahlīl and Takbīr
  • Uḍḥiyyah (Sacrificial offering)
  • Enjoining good and forbidding evil
  • Daʿwah to Allāh
  • Teaching the knowledge
  • Recitation of the Qur’ān
  • Fasting

Source: Telegram channel of Shaykh ʿAbdul ʿAzīz ar-Rajiḥī حفظه الله