Warning from the TV series ‘Ertuğrul’ | Shaykh ‘Abdul Ḥamīd az-Zuʿkurī

بــســـم الــلــه الــرحــمــن الــرحـــيــم

As a matter of mentioning something related, these days, they have a series that they watch called Ertuğrul¹ that glorifies the Ottoman caliphs and dishonors the Sunnī caliphs, such that many of the battles that were led by people considered to be upon the Sunnah are neglected by this series.

They magnify the status of Sufism, as their nation was upon Ṣūfiyyah, so much so that some letters from their caliphs from the likes of Sulaimān-I² and others have been found in the Prophet’s Ḥujrah (room where he’s buried), beseeching aid (Istighāthah) from the Prophet ﷺ, and seeking help for their wars, and this is major shirk, which takes one out of the fold of Islam.

Although we are of the opinion that television is forbidden and dramas are prohibited altogether, these new Turkish serials that have invaded Muslim countries, in it is a trial greater than others in many aspects:

1️⃣First aspect: It may portray the people of Islam and uprightness in the form of those who listen to songs and dance, and likewise look at women and reveal the women.

2️⃣Second aspect: Exaltation of the misguided Ṣūfiyyah, those who believe in Waḥdatul-Wujūd³

3️⃣Third aspect: In it you will find the call to innovations of the Ṣūfiyyah such as (innovated) adhkār and so on

4️⃣Fourth aspect: In it is a call to Khurūj (rebellion) against the rulers to whom the command has now been restored

And Allāh’s aid is sought. All praise is due to Allāh, Lord of the worlds.

– Mentioned by Shaykh ‘Abdul Ḥamīd az-Zuʿkurī -may Allāh preserve him-
– Translated by Abu Āsiyah Mużaffar Al-Hindī غفر الله له ولوالديه
– Source: https://t.me/A_lzoukory/31686

Translator’s Footnotes:

1. Based on the life of Ertuğrul Gazi (died around 680H), the father of Osman-I(died around 725H), the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

2. Tenth Ottoman caliph (b. 900-974H) who reigned from 926H until his death in 974H

3. Belief in the unity of everything that exists; i.e. the Creator and the creation, is one in essence. This was the creed of the deviant Sūfī scholar, Ibn ‘Arabī