Appearance of the Suhail Star | Shaykh Saʿad al-Khathlān

بــســـم الــلــه الــرحــمــن الــرحـــيــم

Today, Wednesday (26th of Muharram 1444H corresponding to 24/8/2022 in the Gregorian calendar) is the entering of Suhail⁩¹ (as per the calculation of Al-Khalāwī²)

‎During this (period), the intensity of the heat reduces and the temperature begins to decrease gradually, especially at night

‎As in the saying (of the common folk): “When Suhail enters, the nights become good”

‎In it, the time of sunset advances almost a minute each day.³

یُقَلِّبُ ٱللَّهُ ٱلَّیۡلَ وَٱلنَّهَارَۚ إِنَّ فِی ذَ ٰ⁠لِكَ لَعِبۡرَةࣰ لِّأُو۟لِی ٱلۡأَبۡصَـٰرِ ﴿

❝Allah causes the night and the day to succeed each other (i.e. if the day is gone, the night comes, and if the night is gone, the day comes, and so on). Truly, in these things is indeed a lesson for those who have insight.❞

Sūrah an-Nur: 44 (Translation by Muhsin Khan and Shaykh Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali)
– Mentioned by Shaykh Saʿad bin Turkī Āl Khathlān وفقه الله on his twitter-feed
– Translated by Abu Āsiyah Mużaffar Al-Hindī غفر الله له ولوالديه
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Translator’s footnotes:

  1. Suhail (or the Canopus as known in the West) is the second brightest star in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s appearance signifies the end of the summer season and beginning of a moderate climate especially in the Arabian Peninsula. In this season, farmers hope for the fruits to ripen and fishermen plan their fishing activities.
  2. Calculation method of Arab poet and astronomer, Rāshid al-Khalāwi. This method is one of the references used by the Umm al-qurā calculation method.
  3. This study falls under al-Falakiyyah (astronomy) and not under at-Tanjīm (astrology) which is prohibited.

اليوم الأربعاء(١٤٤٤/١/٢٦ /٢٠٢٢/٨/٢٤م)يدخل ⁧#سهيل⁩ (على حساب الخلاوي)

‏وفيه تنكسر شدة الحر وتبدأ درجات الحرارة بالانخفاض تدريجيا خاصة في الليل

‏وفي المثل:(إذا دخل سهيل طاب الليل)

‏وفيه يتقدم وقت غروب الشمس دقيقة كل يوم تقريبا

‏(يقلب الله الليل والنهار إن في ذلك لعبرة لأولي الأبصار)

[سُهَيْل: سُهَيْلٌ : نجمٌ، قيل: عند طلوعه تنضج الفواكه وينقضي القيظ أو هو من النجوم اليماِنية.| وفى المثل: :- إِذا طلع سهيل، رُفع كيل ووُضع كيل :-: يضرب في تبدُّل الأحكام.]