The Benefits of Righteous Companions are Innumerable | Imām ʿAbdur-Raḥmān as-Saʿdī

The Imām Al-ʿAllāmah ʿAbdur-Raḥmān as-Saʿdī -رحمه الله- said:

❝The goodness that influences the slave (of Allāh) from having a righteous companion is more far reaching and better than the most fragrant musk.

For he either teaches you that which benefits you in your religion and your worldly matters, or gifts you with advice, or warns you against carrying out that which will harm you. He also encourages you upon obedience to Allāh, kindness to parents, maintaining ties of kinship, and opens your eyes to your own shortcomings. He calls you to noble and good manners and their virtues by his speech, actions and his conduct. For indeed an individual is bound to imitate his companion and those whom he befriends. The character and souls are like soldiers gathered together, they guide each other towards goodness or towards that which opposes it.

The least that he benefits from righteous companions -and it is a benefit that cannot be under-estimated- that because of him, you refrain from evil deeds and disobedience, due to having concern for companionship, having competitiveness in doing good, raising oneself away from evil, likewise he protects you in your presence and your absence, and also he benefits you by his love and supplication while you are alive and after your death.

Likewise, he defends you due to his acquaintance with you and his love for you, these are matters you do not come across yourself such that you could defend yourself. Likewise, he would introduce you to individuals and actions, those whose liaison would benefit you.

The benefits of a righteous companion are uncountable and innumerable, and it suffices for a person to be considered as his close companion and that he is upon the religion of his friend.❞

-Bahjah Qulūb al-Abrār wa Qurrah ʿAyūn al-Akhyār 1/156

–Translated by Abu Āsiyah Muzaffar -may Allah forgive him, his parents, his mashāyikh, his family and all the muslims

قال الإمام العلامة عبد الرحمٰن السعدي رحمه الله تبارك و تعالى :

فالخير الذي يصيبه العبد من جليسه الصالح أبلغ وأفضل من المسك الأذفر، فإنه إما أن يعلمك ما ينفعك في دينك ودنياك، أو يهدي لك نصيحة، أو يحذرك من الإقامة على ما يضرك، فيحثك على طاعة الله وبر الوالدين، وصلة الأرحام ويبصرك بعيوب نفسك ، ويدعوك إلى مكارم الأخلاق ومحاسنها بقوله وفعله وحاله ، فإن الإنسان مجبول على الاقتداء بصاحبه وجليسه ، والطباع والأرواح جنود مجندة ، يقود بعضها بعضا إلى الخير، أو إلى ضده .

وأقل ما تستفيده من الجليس الصالح – وهي فائدة لا يستهان بها – أن تنكف بسببه عن السيئات والمعاصي ، رعاية للصحبة، ومنافسة في الخير ، وترفعا عن الشر ، وأن يحفظك في حضرتك ومغيبك ، وأن تنفعك محبته ودعاؤه في حال حياتك وبعد مماتك ، وأن يدافع عنك بسبب اتصاله بك ، ومحبته لك .

وتلك أمور لا تباشر أنت مدافعتها، كما أنه قد يصلك بأشخاص وأعمال ينفعك اتصالك بهم

وفوائد الأصحاب الصالحين لا تعد ولا تحصى ، وحسب المرء أن يعتبر بقرينه وأن يكون على دين خليله .

【 بهجة قلوب الأبرار (١٤٠/١) 】