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Istidlāl ‘Alā Kanz al-Aṭfāl | Dr. Fayṣal al-Wādiʾī

This book is written by Dr. Fayṣal al-Wādiʾī, who was the doctor of Imām Muqbil رحمه الله in Dammāj, Yemen and has studied from both Shaykh Muqbil bin Hādī al-Wādiʾī رحمه الله and Shaykh Yaḥya bin ‘Alī al-Ḥajūrī حفظه الله. Though he has written this book for children, it is beneficial for the adults as well. In this book, one can learn the basics of ‘Aqidah, Tawheed, Fiqh & Seerah which every Muslim is obligated to know.

The Caesar of Rome asked “Who is Muhammad ﷺ”

❝This is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and these are his lofty ideals
Why then is he despised constantly, these prolonged ordeals
Reflect! Dear esteemed reader and respond
As they say ‘what goes around comes around’
Read! Spread! Yours is this small treatise
For in it could be your path to eternal success.❞

Rulings Regarding Fasting Summarized | Abū ʿAbdillāh al-Burʿāwī

رسالة بعنوان: [مختصر أحكام الصيام] قام بجمعها: أبو عبدالله البرعاوي قرأها وأذن بنشرها: الشيخ الفاضل محمد بن حزام Rulings Pertaining Fasting [Summarised] Compiled by: Abū ʿAbdillāh al-Burʿāwī Read and approved by: Ash-Shaykh Muḥammad bin Ḥizām

Kanz al-Aṭfāl | Dr. Fayṣal al-Wādiʾī

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم An Important and Valuable Book titled: “Kanz al-Aṭfāl (The Children’s Treasure)” Thousand questions made easy for teaching children Creed, Tawhīd, Jurisprudence, History, Etiquettes, Transactions and other than these using the Question and Answer Methodology By the Noble Brother and the Blessed … Continue reading Kanz al-Aṭfāl | Dr. Fayṣal al-Wādiʾī

The Beneficial Elementary Principles in Tawhīd, Fiqh & ʿAqīdah | Android App

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات. الحمد لله قد جعلت هناك في جوجل بلاي تطبيق خاص وكنز ثمين لطلبة العلم وهو الكتاب المشهور المفيد “المبادئ المفيدة في التوحيد والفقه والعقيدة” المؤلف: الشيخ العلامة الناصح الأمين يحيى بن علي الحجوري حفظه الله. … Continue reading The Beneficial Elementary Principles in Tawhīd, Fiqh & ʿAqīdah | Android App