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The Days are Alternated Between the People | Imām as-Saʿdī

Allāh tests his slaves with defeats and trials, in order to distinguish between the believer and the hypocrite, because if the believers were to be victorious continuously in all events, then even those who did not want it would enter Islam. So if in some incidents, some types of trials were to occur, the believer who truly desires Islam in prosperity and adversity, in ease and in hardship, will become distinct from those who are not like that.

Classes by Shaykh ʿAlī at-Tuwayjirī | 19 Shaʿbān 1437

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The Noble Shaykh ʿAlī bin Ghāzī at-Tuwayjirī حفظه الله, Teacher in the Faculty of the Holy Qur'ān, Department of Tafseer, Jāmi'ah Islāmiyyah of Madīnah, will be conducting classes this weekend details of which are as given below: Location: Masjid Sālim bin Bakhīt, Mizhar, … Continue reading Classes by Shaykh ʿAlī at-Tuwayjirī | 19 Shaʿbān 1437